Waterski was in the beginning, then...

Wakeboarding! a small board towed by a boat or cable.


Are you a Surfer, SUPer, Wakeboarder or even a Kite/Windsurfer.

Do you like to fly like a bird, cutting the waves like butter, going nearly straight upwind.

HydroFoil! is what we offer

The HydroFoil is a kind of wing that generates lift as it moves, lifting the board and rider out of the water. The advantage, is that the rider experiences less drag and so he can move faster as it is towed behind either a boat or a kite.

We take you with our Powerboat to the blue Atlantic Ocean and teach you this exclusive amazing sport, join us in our addiction.

You like to know more, learn from Slingshot Wake Foil Academy.

Click below

Wake n Foil


1 hour





95 euros

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